The Second Half of Life

Aug 29, 2019

I attended a lovely funeral yesterday for an almost 103 year old woman. Her grandson lovingly eulogized her and referred to the two halves of life. He commented on how in looking around the room he deduced most of the crowd was already well into their second half. I spoke to two girls afterward who are 50 and almost 52 and we spoke about their mother who died at the young age of fifty one. I often think about life, death ,young lives and older lives and the wisdom I glean is ongoing. I know at age 62 I am no longer middle age. I am well along the second half and I am grateful for every day. I still as do most of us struggle with making sense of it all but this I do know; the time to be happy is right now. The blessings to be counted are the ones we currently have not the ones we wish for. Waiting to be content with our lives is a waste of the day we are living. That is not to say of course that we should not aspire to goals and dreams for our future but this should not push out the wonderful gifts our life has right this minute.A beating heart,breath, wellness, food, shelter, family, friends, beauty and hope.I could go on but I have a day ahead to live to its fullest.


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