When the Teachers Go Back

Aug 26, 2019

It is chilly. It seems as if the weather took a plunge as an obvious gesture announcing the finish of summer. I am hopeful that the temperature will climb again and we will have many more summer like days and lots more lake swims. But this morning the chill seemed fitting. At 9;00 I made my way to Fullerton’s market to met four other retired teachers for coffee celebrating not having to return to our classrooms and the all consuming days of late August and September. No thoughts of setting up classrooms , processing class lists and attending long staff meeting filled our minds as we sat drinking our coffee on the lovely patio at our inviting corner market. Hot coffee, delicious doughnuts and cool air. We draped blankets over our legs feeling the chill for the first time in this hot and beautiful summer of 2019. We discussed many things and mentioned often our freedom and the pleasure and privilege of retirement ( and good health). We welcomed Kathy to our ranks on this her first day of not having to return to school. We thought of the younger teachers now filling the roles we once had.I enjoyed this coffee time but was anxious to get back home and get to my office. For the eleventh time I get to return to my writing on the day the teachers go back. I will have some interruptions this September and am so thankful for our trip to Scotland. I will be participating in another Go and Write Retreat and look forward to the gifts and interactions that will bring. But today I am thrilled to be in my office. The chilly temperature and overcast skies are a welcome break and make it easier to be inside. I still hear pounding and productive activity outside as our renos continue. The siding has moved to the last wall and I see an end in sight. I feel so fortunate to be able to give our beloved home a face lift , a new lease on life and also look forward to the end of building clutter and chaos. To begin I will re-read the manuscript I hope to see released in the spring. I will begin work on the character development of ten characters in my next novel. One came to me this morning forcing her way to the front of my brain and challenging me to get to know her better.So best of luck and good thoughts to all the teachers today and happy writing to me!


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