As The Fog Lifts

Aug 22, 2019

We have had a beautiful summer.I have gazed so many times at the bright blue sky dotted with beautiful fluffy white clouds. I have floated on my back in the refreshing waters of my beloved lake. I have repeatedly mouthed words of thanksgiving and awe at the wonder and magnitude of my blessings. I have had more good days than bad and am so grateful for that.The sun has been balanced with healthy rains and the garden has flourished. My own personal well being has flourished as well but I sometimes find myself bogged down with worry and concern.Sometimes the fog overwhelms me and I search for the brightening sky, the gap in the grey cloud cover. I can usually make my way to the lake and immerse myself in the healing waters it provides. I can often list myself out of the doldrums feeling the checked items lift some of the weight of worry. Last year at this time I was navigating my mother’s final days. We did not know she would leave us in one short month but we felt the burden of her decline. As I read the journal entries of those days I feel again the hopelessness , the fear and the sadness . This year under different circumstances I feel the same feelings watching my strong and independent father’s decline. Oh how I wish I could make these changes easier for him. One day at a time, one task, one list, accepting my limited ability to steer his course. On this somewhat grey day I wait for the sun and the bright skies. I take comfort in my blessings and in my resources. I am thankful for friends, for family and for a medical system that supports us. I pray for brighter days ahead for my dear dad. I pray that I am able to show the love and patience he needs.


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