And Then it’s April

Apr 1, 2020

Ok we got through March.Change and adaptation escalated or rose exponentially as the experts say about Covid19. The ‘virus ” has entered all our vocabularies and our mindsets. Last night my eight year old granddaughter voiced her opinion that she would probably not be coming in the summer. “Maybe Christmas Monkey” she said. ” I was watching the news and they said it could be months” Her calm wisdom hit me. She was not a child complaining selfishly but a kid realizing the magnitude of the crisis we are facing globally.So this morning we begin April. April is a month that is hard to navigate through for our family. This year we come to the 21st anniversary of the day we lost Zac. Over the years the challenge of this month has changed and we have adapted. We also celebrate our wedding anniversary ,Meg’s birthday,and Meg and Cody’s anniversary this month.April brings the warm sun , disappearing snow, hope for gardens and dreams of the lake.I have no words of wisdom just encouragement for this month ahead.New month but still just one day at a time. Many predictions and forecasts but each day will unfold and we will do our best to adapt.That’s all I’ve got.


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