Shortlists and Social Distancing

Mar 27, 2020

I opened an e-mail yesterday entitled ‘Good News NB Book Award Shortlist’. It was good news and news I had kept under my hat for two weeks. Fear of Drowning has been shortlisted for the Mrs. Dunster’s Fiction Award. Initially I had been so excited anticipating the week in May that would see Meg and the girls come home, a Thursday evening launch of When the Hill Came Down,WordSpring weekend with Friday night’s awards for the WFNB’s writing competition, giving a writing workshop to young writers on Saturday and the NB Book Award Gala on Saturday night. Well you know what has happened to all that.As I have reminded my granddaughter, it is of course not all about me. So many people are dealing with change and disappointment during this time of self isolation and social distancing. Strange times and frightening. I am content to sit tight, put dreams of book launches and award ceremonies in the future. I was able to visit outside with my across the road grandkids yesterday. I loved every second. Their energy and happiness thrilled me. They came to see our new calf. They waited for our front door chicken to lay her egg and put the warm egg to their cheeks.Yes we have one particular chicken who lays an egg at our front door. How amazing is that? They left again with their dad and left their grandparents thankful for their health, their happiness and the love and security their parents work so hard to provide.So much to be thankful for in all this and so much to fear. I pray for a balance. Oh and last night I got the full cover draft for When the Hill Came Down from my publisher. Holding my ninth book is getting closer and closer and I look ahead to that.Stay home and stay well.


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