In These Uncertain Times

Mar 26, 2020

March is waning. On the horizon April and May look the same as what we see right now. I have no profound words of wisdom but yet feel the need to voice my thoughts this morning. I am ok. I am fine at home . I am quite used to the routine that is now my only option. I have been promised a walk by sighting of my three across the road grandchildren and I look forward to that. It is the small pleasures that sustain us these days and I am a connoisseur of small pleasures.I often write about those pleasures; morning coffee, hot baths, writing time, wood road walks,my journal(writing and reading).I am thankful for each of the pleasures I enjoy within the walls of my home and the periphery of our property. I reach out to friends and family with texts and on social media. I call people on the phone.In these uncertain times I am doing what so many others are doing. The scope is unprecedented. Most of the trauma and challenges we experience are within our family or community collective. This however is world wide and has halted and mutated the world as we know it. It is frightening and unfamiliar.I have some disappointments to process some possibilities to accept. 82 Moms will not sit together at the end of the month as we planned. I will not have my book launch as planned. Two other writing events I was looking forward to will not happen. Meg and the girls will not come in May for those celebrations. I will not have the school visit I was looking forward to,. The market will not open on schedule. Perhaps the girls will not fly home this summer. PEI might not happen. Scotland might not be in our September. These are just my disappointments. The 2020 Olympics have been cancelled.Emma will not have a birthday party. Alice has had to adjust to stringent protocol as she sits with Paul at Bobby’s Hospice.Gr 8’s have no Quebec trip and graduation celebrations are not likely to happen. The scope of this is overwhelming and so unpredictable. The scope is too much so I return to this day, this one day and will take comfort in the small pleasures I am so fortunate to have access to. We all know the wisdom of one day at a time and even though we must pay attention to what the experts and our leaders are telling us and not be careless or cavalier all that is being asked of me on this day is to stay home . I can do that!


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