Another Book Club

Oct 21, 2012

October is winding down quickly and the week ahead is full and holds some challenges. Sitting in my office this afternoon with the sun shining again after yesterday’s drenching rain seems like a time to reflect on the last week and prepare for the week ahead. My obsessive list making has now carried over to my new cell phone. My first cell phone ever by the way and like so much else that technology gives us we soon wonder how we managed without it. I now in addition to my slips of paper holding lists and jottings that are meant to ground me and keep me on track ,constantly check my phone and update my calendar.Whatever!
As for reflections of last week. I met with a wonderful group of women who have been a Book Club since 2004 and actually read books and discuss them . The entire group of about 13 women filled the room with a warm and welcoming vibe right from the start of the evening and the bond they seemed to have with each other seemed very genuine. Meeting the group I was reminded of my own circles of women friends that provide friendship and support that is priceless in our busy and challenging lives.The book club had invited me after they read Ten Thousand Truths.They were brimming with questions and observations and as a writer it was a thrill to be given the opportunity to talk about my work with a group of such keen readers. Afterwards I signed their books and several of them bought copies of The Year Mrs. Montague Cried. They gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a lovely bottle of green apple wine. It was a wonderful evening . Thank you Heather for suggesting the book, thank you Kim for inviting me and welcoming me in to your home and thank you to all the other members. Keep reading and keep connecting to one another in the wonderful way you have been doing for eight years.


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