Hampton High Visit

Oct 28, 2012

Wednesday I braved the early morning hour and my frost covered windsheild and headed for a visit to Hampton High School. On my way while innocently eating my blueberry bagel I broke off one of my front teeth. Luckily the only pain it caused was one of vanity hoping that my audience would not be distracted by the gaping hole in my mouth and make the judgement that apparently retired teachers turned authors have no dental coverage if they are letting their teeth blacken and fall out. Putting my toothy concerns aside I proceeded to speak to two classes who filed in to the library in their early morning teenage manner but soon proved to be a very attentive and kind group. The next group consisted of one class and brought with them a series of prepared questions that I was happy to attempt to answer as best I could. Both groups held several former students which my mind struggled to quickly match names to their older faces only calling a couple of them by their siblings names .It was wonderful to see them and be standing there reading from the book I had read to them when they were in Grade five when the book was only a pile of typed pages.And then I read to them from my second book and was pleased to tell them the story of the how in six years I had made the transition from teacher to a published /working author. I then spoke to a large group of about 100 students in the theatre. I was a bit disconcerted to be standing in that venue looking out at a sea of faces ,some I recognized and quickly put names to. I talked a bit, read a bit and answered some of their prepared questions. Even in such a large group and in a more impersonal setting I still felt like I made a connection with the students. The time went quickly and our time together was over. A couple of students stayed behind with comments and questions. Thank you Rosalind and Grace , Nell and Ben (I think) for introducing me in such a generous manner. Thank you to the teachers Mrs. Donovan. Mrs Spurr McKay and Mrs Finnigan for inviting me and organizing the morning and thanks to the other teachers who brought their classes and supported my work. Thank you Mr. McMillan for buying my books for the library.I left the theatre and joined my friend Ruth in the Resource room and briefly helped two boys with their Science assignment. So I got a little teacher fix and it quickly reminded me what I loved about teaching and what I love about retirement.Then Ruth and I went to the Kosy Korner for a nice lunch together. The visit certainly reminded me of what I love about being a writer. Thank you Hampton High!


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