The Monday Night Book Club

Oct 31, 2012

Monday night I met with my friend Karen’s, Monday Night Book Club. Three sisters , a daughter/niece and three friends make up a delightful and chatty group that meet once a month and read fabulous and challenging books.This month they chose my book Ten Thousand Truths which I am not saying is fabulous or challenging but they were very complementary of it and we had a long and rich discussion.They asked lots of questions about the story ,the process and my writing life. My friend Karen who had suggested the book was monumental in launching my writing career. She was the one who in her careful perusal of the local newspaper ,came upon the small add for the Atlantic Writing Competition ,cut it out and put it on her fridge and later gave it to me encouraging me to enter my manuscript for The Year Mrs. Montague Cried which she had been hearing about from the first days of my writing it to the years of rejection letters that followed. On her prompting I did what needed to be done to send it in December 2009 and won first place in the Y/A category in August 2010. Following that I signed a contract with Acorn Press for the publishing of the Year Mrs. Montague Cried which came out in May 2011.Thank you Karen for believing in me then and still believing in me suggesting my second book to your Book Club. I now feel like an honorary member of her book club and will certainly keep up with their reading and goings on in the months to come.


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