Speech from the Throne

Nov 29, 2012

In the Speech from the Throne that opened the New Brunswick Legislature, Lieutenant Governor Graydon Nicholas mentioned three New Brunswick authors in his Celebration section. One of those authors was me. What a thrill to see my name as an author in the speech. I gave 29 years in service to the province as a public school teacher and am very proud of the efforts I put forth in that profession. I am even prouder to be recognized as an author.What a wonderful gift I have been given to be able to do what I truly love after spending years in the classroom which I loved (most days) as well.Shout outs to France Daigle and Riel Nason for their achievements which were also congratulated in the speech. I tried to put the link on this post but could not figure out how to do that. You can Google Speech from the Throne New Brunswick 2012 and find the speech.


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