Another Day at Home

Apr 29, 2020

When are you writing on your blog again? my daughter asked last night.I’ll write tomorrow I answered. I do love it that she looks forward to reading what is on her mother’s mind even though most days we talk on the phone for several minutes and cover many topics.Do you have to talk to your mother every day? her daughter asked once. Yes I do was her answer. I must say I am so thankful for our phone conversations. Burton says he can always tell when I’m talking to Meg because I am laughing non stop. So lying in bed this morning thinking about getting up to face another at home day I thought about this entry. What did I have to say today? On Wednesday I normally meet my friend Kathy and we go swimming , do some shopping and have lunch. This is the seventh Wednesday I have stayed home. For the most part I have been perfectly content to stay home. I have been getting lots of writing done and am reaching the end of the book I started in mid October.I have walked every day, baked a lot, played cards with my husband, watched TV and gotten through the days . I have processed the disappointment of these shut down days.No farmer’s market yet,no 82 Moms, no book launch yet, no NB book awards , no school visit to Grand Manan,no grandchildren visits, possibly no summer visit from my girls, maybe no trip to Scotland. Once in awhile the disappointments creep in again and I have to give myself a talking to.Because of course even with the things I’ll miss I have so much to be thankful for.I don’t have anything profound to offer this morning. I, like the whole country am still struggling to deal with the horrific loss of life in Nova Scotia. I daily send up prayers for the loved ones left to piece their lives back together after such devastation. I daily send up prayers for my friends Paul and Alice as they walk their difficult path in these strange times when friends can’t drop in to care for and comfort them. The sun shines this morning and April approaches its end. The month has flown by. Tomorrow we will celebrate 43 years of marriage. That perhaps deserves a blog entry of its own.But today we are at home.Our bubble is small but our blessings are many.


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