May Days

May 3, 2020

Yesterday the highlight of my day was a short pop in visit from my grandson Skyler. What a sweet, kind and happy boy. Our short visit was crammed with so much. He arrived so excited about driving the tractor almost by himself,his rain pants covered in mud and a wide smile on his face. What a joy to this grandmother’s heart to see him and his dad so actively involved in the great outdoors and each other. After asking his dad he accepted a cookie which I said might be a little stale since they weren’t his uncle’s favorite and weren’t getting eaten up very fast. He asked me all kinds of questions and I asked him some. Missing school , his friends and some aspects of normal life he remains so happy and positive. Looking at the calendar he said” It’s May, April was a sad month”.So this morning remembering his delightful visit I will think about May days. My mother always loved Mayflowers and spoke of May Day celebrations at school. Her birthday was May 5th and she would be 92 if we still had her with us.As I mentioned in my last entry May has some disappointments with all its cancelled or postponed events and happenings.The market has not opened in a normal way. I will not receive my new book or have my launch. Meg and the girls will not come for the launch. Meg hasn’t missed one yet by the way .Last year Burton surprised me when he arranged for Emma to come with her mom.I will not get to attend WFNB’s WordSpring and pass out the awards for the winners of the writing competition. I will not get to go to the NB Book awards and see Fear of Drowning highlighted as a short listed title.But I will get to continue to enjoy the comfort and privilege of being home. I will hopefully continue in good health. My husband and I will begin our 44th year of marriage still loving each other, still laughing and crying together and still each others best friend. I will begin the gardening season with the expectation that I will have lots of time to keep a weed free,flourishing garden with good yields. We will continue to clean up after the major renovations of last year and enjoy our new verandas. I will get closer to jumping in the lake.May will be a month filled with blessings and challenges as most months are.With March and April behind us let us look forward to brighter days,and be grateful for all our blessings.Let’s see the world with Skyler’s optimism and joy.”That cookie wasn’t stale Grammie.”


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