Another Monday in February

Feb 10, 2020

I had no intention of writing an entry this morning. I was up a bit earlier than usual and gave myself time to go back to previous February entries before starting to work. I do that a fair amount just as I regularly read back previous years in my journals. A character in the book I’m working on has empty journals.She has brought thirty three journals to a writing retreat. Yesterday I piled thirty three journals on my office floor to test how heavy they would be in a suitcase. I had no trouble finding thirty three journals to pile up. My daughter teases me that I will soon need a journal assistant. In Louise Penny’s newsletters I often see she references her assistant. Maybe some day I will require an assistant and for sure one of her or his jobs will be to organize my journals. But for now I will try to manage them myself. It is a snowy Monday morning. A wet snow covers my office window preventing me from looking out at the pasture from my comfy chair where I drink my coffee and write in my journal. This morning I reflect on the day I was given yesterday. It was another enjoyable Sunday spent doing what I love; some cleaning and paying attention to the home I have, some interaction with customers coming for eggs, a bit of writing, some baking, a wonderful trek up the wood road, my snowshoes crunching through a layer of snow and my two dogs frolicking around me, some laundry, a delicious supper prepared by my husband( thick juicy hamburgers from White Family Farm beef)a telephone conversation with my daughter,watching a movie on NetFlix and much more. And this morning I take to my desk and move my story along. I will spend a bit of time working on a peer review for TWUC. I will enjoy this blustery day.And next year I hope to look at February 2020 entries and do it all over again.


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