What My Dogs Do

Feb 16, 2020

This morning as I gather my thoughts and begin my day my dogs come to mind. When I think of my own routine and the things I love about the predictability of my days my dogs are front and center in that. They are pretty predictable in their own habits and possibly drive some of mine. It is a good night when Harley sleeps through and doesn’t ask to be let out when it is still dark. Often Disco sleeps with his master and does not spend the night in our room but he finds his way upstairs first thing and begins his lazy laying around day. Right now Disco is sprawled out on my office floor and Harley is curled up on Paige’s bed.I try not to disturb them too much and if I have to go downstairs I assure them they can stay upstairs and I will be right back. Sometimes they listen. We put the day in staying quite close in proximity. It is toward late afternoon that they perk up watching for signs of a walk. If I sit down to put heavy socks on or happen to open the basement door to get my walking coat they lose their minds. They begin barking a very distinct bark/howl combination and pace wildly until I let them out the door. Then they run to the back door and bark foolishly until I come out the door. Then they frolic like young puppies until we head out up the wood road. They fall into a pace leading the way and but quickly re-calibrate when they see me veer off in another direction. I love watching them. It is the time of day they wait for. Yesterday I thought I would venture off the trail and snowshoe into the wooded area. They were keen to follow me but when I saw they were trudging through snow to their chins I got back on the trail.They think they are young pups but indeed they are both dogs in their later years something like myself. But don’t we love our outside time together and don’t we know how very crucial it is to our overall well being.So maybe we are creatures of habit and set in our ways , and maybe we hate the thoughts of leaving home, but maybe we know just how blessed we are to have these days. When evening comes after one of these delightful days we fall into our after supper routine. I take to my recliner and my dogs to the rug. What’s not to like about the life we have?


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