When I Take to the Woods

Feb 19, 2020

A day without the woods is a day… There are days I don’t get to walk or snowshoe. Some days I let the cold or icy conditions keep me inside. Some days my schedule does not allow it. Some days I have to leave home and attend to other things and I don’t have the luxury of a wood road walk. Those days leave me wanting. Those walks are possibly the main reason I love being home and resent having to leave.The effort is always worth it as I have stated so many times. A transition from whatever state I begin the walk in to how I feel when I return always happens. I return to the comfort of my house refreshed, renewed and grateful.I do not take the opportunity , the physical ability and the privilege of living here for granted. To not take to the woods is squandering all those gifts. The last two days I have had the pleasure of inviting others to take to the woods with me. On Monday Harley’s former master and his mom came to visit Harley and accompanied the dogs and me up the wood road. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were all the better for the few minutes we spent on the trail. Yesterday a friend came and we snow shoed a zig zag path to the top of the hill. We stopped often to appreciate where we were in so many ways and to reflect on where we’ve been . The gifts of companionship, fresh air, open skies and snow covered tress combined to make the time there magical. I love my solitude in the woods and my prayerful meditating as I spend the time in my beloved sanctuary but I also am happy to share and to offer others the chance to see what I see every day.


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