How Books Get Written

Feb 24, 2020

Books get written very much like life is lived.Slow and steady, mundane and monumental, poetry and pain. Highs and lows, days that stand out and days that fade.Books are measured in words, paragraphs , pages and chapters and life in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. Choices are made to enhance or make books and life better.Twenty six letters begin the process of writing a book and breath and a beating heart begin a life lived.What we do with the simple start is what really matters. Every book, as every life is special and unique with its own story to tell.Don’t take the simplicity of it for granted. Don’t spend all your time looking for the spectacular but embrace the everyday, a story well told.Value the important parts and the connections. Feel the emotion, the tension the small victories and blessings.Write the book and live the life. It is this I get to do on another Monday, my grandson’s birthday, a day to treasure and pay attention to.Word by word and breath by breath on this February day.


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