And Then it’s March

Mar 1, 2020

How quickly the months go. This morning I changed the calendars. Our February picture on the kitchen calendar reminded us of our dear friend Paul. The picture was of an open workshop door,and a man and his black dog in the yard. Every time I walked by and gazed at the picture I thought of Paul, his love of his silly, adorable dog, his love of the outdoors and his love of the time spent in his garage tinkering about. Paul is slow and steady, a what you see is what you get kind of guy, a loving, attentive husband, father and grandfather and a wonderful friend.Paul is not able to be in his yard or sit in front of his fire in his beloved garage. Paul has been hit with a mean and debilitating disease and he has spent the last three months in a hospital bed. His devoted wife has worried and fretted at his side heartbroken with the turn their life has taken. We feel so powerless to help and in some ways feel selfish to have health and well being and be able to go about living our lives. I will take this February picture and have it framed because it will always be Paul to me. We have been so blessed with his friendship. Many a meal has been shared at their table and ours.Card games have been played,trips have been taken together, memories have been deeply made and he will always remain the slow and steady guy we love who knew how to enjoy the simple pleasures of his life. We do not know what this month will bring; none of us do, and I do know Paul would encourage us to keep living and appreciating each day we mark on our calendars.


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