Another October Monday Morning

Oct 20, 2014

What a lovely fall and beautiful October it has been so far. I did have to wear my winter coat when I went down to get my granddog this morning but that’s OK. We really haven’t had to have the furnace on too much yet and when we have I welcomed that warm cozy feeling wood heat brings,as the days shorten and the dark evenings descend on us. Burton is in the woods and the winter’s wood will soon be brought in. Caleb and Ashlie pulled the carrots yesterday so the garden has been harvested. The leaves continue to fall and cover the lawn and I will not mow again until spring. The leaves cover the wood road and the tall ferns are now brown and bending to the ground. The road is easier to navigate and Burton’s daily trips with the tractor are creating more trails to follow. Biscuit, our new addition now happily follows me most days completely enjoying his new found freedom . His gait is quicker and he even gallops which is exactly the right word for his long legs. This morning I will read through my manuscript with the first round of edits complete to make sure every sentence and paragraph are what I want them to be. I hope to finish that today and get back to the book that has been in the forefront of my mind this fall. A few more weeks should finish that one and I will mull over what my next one will be. I have a few more market days before it closes on November 22. I have so enjoyed the weekly interaction with readers, buyers and passerbys. Even if someone walks away with a bookmark I am happy to have made a connection. So today I am reading The Memory Chair out loud to myself as if I were reading it to my class. How wonderful is that? I get to write and I get to read and after the reading there is no playground duty. I do miss the real students though but look forward to my next book that real students will someday hold in their hands.


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