Another Storm Day

Feb 13, 2019

I am so glad I traveled on Monday and am not stranded in an airport as this storm sweeps though North America. I spent last week in Alberta wrapped in a ‘take your breath away’ bitter cold. I came home to bearable winter temperatures but a landscape of ice . Now the snow is falling and if we are lucky perhaps it will stay snow and adhere to the ice allowing animals and people to walk about . Our cows and pigs have cautiously stayed on sanded paths. Our friend fell and broke his wrist in our yard being a helpful neighbor. I have not walked or gone snow-shoeing for weeks as even stepping off my back step is treacherous and not worth the injury of a fall.I long for the outside,the standing in a snowy clearing and gazing up at the sky.Perhaps after this storm I will be given that pleasure. But today I sit in my office in my warm and comfortable home and take the gifts being here offers. I will return to my work in progress and move the story along. Travel is not recommended is the message I keep hearing when my radio returns to local news. No problem! I will take that advice and stay right where I am.


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