As I Put Christmas Away

Jan 1, 2021

 Today is the first day of a new year. I looked back at last January’s entries and decided I must write about Christmas 2020. Today I will begin to put Christmas away. I have decided not to do a large New Years day dinner. Covid has reduced our crowds and preparing meals for a houseful all fall has reduced my desire to feed a crowd. Today I will take the tree down and go from there. Meg, Cody and the girls will begin moving in to the house they will rent for three months. Paige has voiced several times in the last couple of days her wish to settle and stay somewhere. I believe when the time is right that will happen. Last year I looked to a Christmas when Meg and her family would be home with us. Little did I know what a huge change 2020 would bring and that her being home would be so much more. There have been challenges, disappointments, struggles and difficulties in making a monumental move during a global pandemic. But blessings have abounded as well. Moments to be treasured and celebrated have been gifted us. Our beloved daughter has kept us laughing and kept her mother in line. Two granddaughters have filled our home and hearts . A son in law has embraced farm life taking special care of chickens, turkeys and kittens , has willingly been Burton’s chauffeur and reluctantly joined in in frustrating games night after night. We have laughed, cried, grimaced and smiled widely. Christmas was wonderful. Caleb and Jenna joined in and it was great. The girls adore Miss Jenna and love their bossy Uncle Caleb. Yesterday Jenna filled the pantry with a major dumpling making production and the girls happily participated. I watched what I hope will be a new New Years Eve day tradition take shape and realized just how amazing this Christmas has been. This whole move , the fall and beginning winter days have been far from easy but we are all well, we have warm shelter( too warm sometimes) , more than enough food to eat and we have each other. I have managed clutter and upheaval, extra pets and more mouths to feed but I would not trade any of it. We have been family and what more could anyone ask for. 


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