Bayside Middle School

Mar 11, 2014

I finally got to Bayside Middle School. After two cancellations we decided to go with today thinking if we planned for Wednesday or Thursday we might have another storm day. I had a wonderful visit. I spent the morning with 24 kids, three groups of eight and each group had read one of my books. That was the first time I had that configuration to present to and it was great. Some of the kids had already read the second or third book and most were eager to trade books so that they could read another . The feedback was very good to hear. Again great questions were asked. Some of them were; Where do you get the amazing ideas? ( How can you not love that one?) Did you ever get in trouble at school like Rachel did?(I had to admit that yes I certainly did)Why do you like to write sad stories?(Not sure of the exact answer to that one) From your experience what advice would you give to writers?(Write!) Would you suggest writing stories based on dreams? (really liked that one as my daughter and I both have some really bizarre dreams that would either be really good books or not)How did you get the courage to write The Year Mrs. Montague Cried? (Actually I need to find courage each time I present or talk about The Year Mrs. Montague Cried and am extremely grateful that I am able to find that courage and more grateful for the rewarding experience it always turns out to be)I talked about the sanctuary of my lake and my wood road and then quickly realized these city kids had no idea what a wood road was.Not a road made out of wood that would be a wooden road but a road through the woods. I got home very tired from a draining but enjoyable day and thought a nap might be in order. Instead I took my three happy dogs up the wood road. Quite a bit of snow had already fallen and it was snowing steadily making the woods look like the perfect setting for Lucy when she entered Narnia through the wardrobe and met Mr. Tumnus.Luckily there is no White witch who makes it always winter and never summer but today I enjoyed another winter walk. Getting up early and giving up a day in my office to the students of Bayside Middle School was well worth it but I must say I am very glad to be staying home tomorrow and getting back to my writing.


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