You Decide

Mar 6, 2014

Again today I had the pleasure and privilege of taking another walk up my wood road. I say the pleasure because as I have previously stated it is a beautiful ,enjoyable walk. I say privilege because I am blessed to have a piece of property that affords me this luxury as well as the health and opportunity. I could really go on at length about this. Do we really take the time to count our blessings? On my walk to day I thought of how many times recently I have heard people complaining about this winter, how long it’s been ,how cold it’s been how hard it’s been. In this winter wonderland that is my wood road followed by my three very eager dogs bounding in and out of the snow it occurred to me that I am grateful for this season just as I am grateful for the three other ones. I will be sad to give up these snowy walks. Soon it will be a muddy walk and eventually a buggy walk. Each season brings its own beauty and its own challenges. It brought me to the thought that that is what life is like. I could list the sorrows, the worries the hardships I have been called to face. I could certainly list some situations I wish were different or could change .But oh what blessings I have been given.The way we look at anything is a choice we make . You decide to see whichever side you choose.We sometimes get caught up in the complaining and in the negative dialogue. I choose to choose not to. Today I was given another day. It was a beautiful winter’s day and for that I decide to be truly grateful. Just an add-on after today’s walk.(Friday) I know some of you may be saying enough with the wood road already. Sorry I can’t help it. I believe if everyone had their own wood road or a comparable place and took a quiet walk each day there would be fewer problems in this world.


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