Be Where You Are

Oct 4, 2020

 Last week I was away. This morning I am back home and reflecting on the gifts and lessons last week provided. They were numerous and memorable and for each one I am truly grateful or as my friend Martha said, simply grateful. Back home with a long list of jobs to get to I do not have enough time to give last week’s writing retreat its due in this entry. Tomorrow in the quiet Monday, back to work time I will attempt to tell more and give tribute to the week that was. Today five more writers arrive and join Gerard and Janie for another retreat and I was tempted to stay , to hide out in one of the hidden stairwells like a stowaway and then to try to  blend quietly into the next group. But I came home and as always  I am happy to be here. I  am anxious to get back to my office tomorrow. But for one whole week I lived in this grand house and it is a week in the life of this writer that will not be forgotten.



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