Be Where You Are

Feb 10, 2022

 I thought of using Love the One You’re With for today’s title but settled on Be Where You Are. Both titles fit with my thoughts today. In this pandemic worry filled sea (with many waves) I’ve finally been hit. A positive test reinforced what my body was already telling me. So here I am where I’ve worried about being since the first spiral of news, case counts and death tallies. Mark Twain said” I’ve had lots of worries in my life most of which have never happened.” My husband and son often accuse me of going to the ‘worst case scenario’ and they could have a point. But here I am on this day in February feeling a bit under the weather, trying to rest and recover and trying my best to be truly content with where I am. Where I am  is a tangled , jumbled ball of string and I’m not going to attempt any unravelling. I am sick but I am well . I am alone but I am among  a loving circle of caring friends and family. I am perfectly fine being right where I am today and will hold on to that thought and truly love the one I’m with. Today I will turn away from negativity, fear and doubt and celebrate life instead. I will take the simple joys, the basic gifts of heat and nourishment and shelter, the pleasures of books and movies, and  communicating  through texting and telephone. Alone but not alone. I will take this forced isolation and sit at my keyboard and continue to craft the story of another novel and see where that takes me. I will make use of the precious gift of imagination using that imagination for good not to cause panic and despair. And thank you  Becky for the  early morning drop off of  milk , chips and a chocolate bar.


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