Walking Against the Wind

Feb 17, 2022

 I just returned from a brisk ,windy walk. I have been in  my small city space for almost eight months. I came with the deliberate intention of staying for all four seasons. I came  to find  rest, recovery and healing . I walked these city blocks in the summer heat, the autumn coolness and color, the Christmas lights and wonder and now the winter snow and wind. Today a strong wind accompanied warmer temperatures. Ice, dirty snow and running streams of water made the path underfoot. On  part of the walk the wind was at my back pushing me along, not forcefully but enough to make me aware of its presence. I walked back through King Square behind a group of boys; young men, bursting with youthful energy. I kept up for a few steps before their sure and steady gait put them far ahead. I looked around and not another soul was in the square, A few pigeons peppered the bare sidewalks . The grassy areas were covered in ice. It was a much different sight  than the square I’d seen  on other walks during other seasons. Quiet, reflective, waiting. Crossing the street  I noticed the gaggle of young men enter their high school and the teacher in me felt the tug of possibility each day offers when students and dedicated educators meet up.  Along the final block I felt the challenge of walking against the wind. I held a grocery bag and it seemed it was going to fly out of my grasp so I clutched it tighter. I put my attention and energy into the short walk and felt again the gift of being here.  Acknowledging  the gift of being here is what  really matters along this walk and through all the seasons of our lives. 



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