Bookends of Blessing

Jul 23, 2020

In my office on this misty, grey morning I sit and reflect. I have loved the bright sunny hot summer’s days of gardening, swimming and soaking up July. Another July, this one so similar but so different than previous ones. This July has it’s mix of joy and sadness, victories and failures, wonder and worry. This July we work toward our departure to go out and help Meg move. We are over the moon with happiness at the prospect of having her nearby, of driving a short distance to see our girls and having them pop in for visits , sleepovers and to be available and accessible when we are needed.Other summers we have had the pleasure of their visits, of memory making and adventure, of relationship building , laughter, tears and beautiful moments in time. Those summers have gotten us to where we are right now.The seeds were planted, the attention and work done to create what we now have to look forward to.I love the seasons,the routines and gifts each month and season brings. I love the rest and regrouping summer has always provided. I love the anticipation of fall and thoughts of getting back to work. Two days ago my ninth book arrived by courier. I had been waiting to behold and hold another book created from a tiny seed of an idea I worked and crafted, word by word, step by step.I place that ninth book in the bookends beside the others. Each book,each season a tribute to the life I’ve been given to live. I sometimes am overwhelmed with the thought of it. I was a little girl dreaming of writing a book, being a teacher and having children. I have done those three things while trying to maintain who I am and what I believe in.Perhaps this day of reflection needs a good jolt of ” just get on with it, get over yourself, make a list and get to work.” Ok everyone! Everyone is Ok . We will get done what needs to get done. We will go , come back and keep living this interesting, not always easy, rewarding and frightening life.


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