Counting the Sleeps

Jul 18, 2020

Paige is keeping an accurate count of the sleeps before Monkey and Toad come and the sleeps before she leaves with me to move to New Brunswick. From the first mention of the move Paige has been totally on board.She has always been the one who was the loudest advocate for moving to NB.Her enthusiasm and cheer leading will certainly help to keep all our spirits up when the challenges and hurtles of the next few weeks threaten to overwhelm us. I look forward ,once the stress of Covid air travel is behind us, to taking each of our fourteen self isolation sleeps with my girls and then the isolation when the driving across the country people get here as a gift , a treasure and a privilege .It will be a strange but doable August doing whatever needs to be done to have our daughter and her family living nearby. Days and sleeps to get ready and days and sleeps to let the reality settle in and begin a new chapter in the White/McGaffin family story.It is deliberate, intentional upheaval and relocation which takes courage and determination and vision. For all that I am so very proud of my daughter. I know there will be dark moments of doubt and second guessing but I do believe we will all keep our wits about us for the most part. Accepting the difficult, stepping up and doing what needs to be done and holding on to the decision will see us through. Paige has put in her self isolation grocery requests. She is focusing on the lake, the bonfires, the pea picking, the growing cucumbers, the domino games, the morning snuggles and all the things the keeper of fun will provide. Family and being together will be worth all the difficulty and uncertainty ahead. In the upheaval of this crazy, frightening world we will cling to the foundation of love that family and friends offer us.So lists will be made and I will do what needs to be done on this end and welcome each sleep at the end of the next few days. The summer of 2020 will be the summer Meg made the move that has been the desire of our hearts since the day she moved to Alberta.When this chapter gets written we will read back and know just how wonderful it all was.


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