Double Digits of July

Jul 10, 2020

Slow down you’re moving too fast, got to make this moment last… How come the months go by so fast? How come on the first of each month we are already anticipating the end of the month? Summer days are supposed to drag by. Yesterday I spent some time relaxing in my hammock just feeling the warm sun and the gentle breeze. I had spent the previous couple of hours toiling in the garden. I had gone to the lake and jumped in the refreshing water then sat on the shore enjoying my grandkids. Earlier in the day I had balked at a reporter on CBC making reference to the end of July as if it was already upon us. “We are still in the single digits” I replied out loud as if she could hear me. Don’t rush this month. Now I am very excited about what the end of this month will bring. Our long awaited dream of having our daughter and our granddaughters move back to NB is happening. An adventure of huge proportions will unfold and step by step or kilometre by kilometre both driving and flying will take place to make that happen. But I need the slow days of July to get my strength up . I need to allow these days to fill me with hope, courage, wisdom, and stamina to face the task ahead. Amid the world’s turmoil and uncertainty we are stepping off the ledge believing solid ground waits below.So this morning as I head to the garden I acknowledge that we are now in the double digits. Three weeks from today the girls and I will be waking up here to the unfolding of fourteen days of isolation awaiting those driving across the country and the weeks of settling in to take place. July will have come to an end and August will be waiting to scurry by.One day at a time is how its done but the real challenge is to receive each day without letting the worry of the days to come overwhelm us.Let’s see how I do with that today.


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