Change is as Good as a Rest

Aug 9, 2020

 I don’t know about the wisdom of the old adage that is today’s title.  There’s been lots of change in the last months, weeks and days and if self isolation is a rest I guess we are having it. But I do not feel rested . On the contrary I feel on edge, worn out and weary. I know there are many factors contributing to the heaviness I am feeling and am employing all the strategies I have to work through this. I am taking advice from friends and loved ones and searching my own tool chest of resources to move through these current days. I can see that the worry and tension of Covid is a contributing factor and I realize this is universal. I also know how fortunate I am in the scheme of things. The world is suffering on so many fronts and I know my problems do not compare. I count my many blessings and will attempt to allow my blessings to overshadow my heartaches. How blessed we are to be in this place, to have the people we have in our lives and be exactly where we are  on life’s journey. Mistakes , failures and missteps have occurred but we are still standing. Change brings challenge and would we really want it any other way. Or could we expect it to be any other way? Nothing easy about this thing we call life. Each new day we are given is a chance to do better, love deeper and grow stronger. The hugs, the smiles, the kind words and gestures make it all worth while and on this day I have all those things. The sun is shining and we are well. Laughter and tears go hand in hand and we have our fill of those as well. Let us not borrow the troubles of another day but embrace the day we are given. Rest,

regroup and carry on as best we can.


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