Cross Canada Trip

Sep 27, 2011

My friend Kathy and I headed out on Sept 6th for a cross Canada driving trip. We drove as far as Jasper, Alberta then took the train to Vancouver and then flew to Whitehorse. 21 days of touring. We had lots of laughs, saw lots of beautiful scenery, met lots of interesting people and ate lots of good food. I left a copy of The Year Mrs. Montague Cried in three libraries, gave away a few copies and even sold a couple. I am now at my daughter’s waiting for my new grandbaby to arrive. I will be home by Thanksgiving and am anxious to begin the work on the editing and revising of my next book due to come out in the spring. Can’t wait for those crisp fall days to be in my writing room between harvesting chores, putting in the winter’s wood and cooking fall meals for friends and family. Being away has just made my love of home that much stronger. I can’t wait to enjoy my Walton Lake home.My only regret is that by the time I get home the temperature will probably not be warm enough to tempt me in to taking another lake swim in 2011. I will have to wait for the warm weather to arrive next year. I did have a beautiful swim in the Georgian Bay and one in a cove on Manitoulin Island.Now I wait patiently to hold my new grandbaby and to see the look of wonder as Emma meets her new brother or sister. I will keep you posted.


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