Rainy Monday Morning

Aug 8, 2011

It is a rainy Monday morning and I will take it as a gift that allows me to stay inside instead of spending my day , weeding, picking hundreds of green and yellow beans , picking peas, squashing potato bugs, weeding some more and mowing my rapidly growing lawn.I will spend the day reading ,revising,and thinking about writing. My mind is never far from the story of Rachel and the home she comes to in my second book. The characters are with me as I take the summer off from writing to devote my days to the endless tasks our gardens , turkeys , pigs ,and chickens provide me along with the delightful moments of swimming and kayaking in my beloved lake. The lake is a main character and every minute I spend in it’s waters makes that character stronger. Today I will let it’s waters swell with the steady rain and I will visit the story looking forward to the days ahead whether rainy or filled with brilliant sunshine.


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