Every Home has Story

Mar 8, 2016

I love a good story. Sometimes I get one and run with it and everyone around tires of hearing it. Story comes from connection and telling stories connects. Family is connection and rich story shows deep connection. If that is the case I feel so blessed with the story and the connection of our home and family. Some of our best stories come from our young. Everyday Emma and Paige add to the bank of story in our family. Emma and Paige live almost the width of our country away. Luckily I have been where they live and they have been where I live enough to have a deep understanding of each other. Whether near or far that is the important thing about building a relationship. Paige can now press the numbers and phone us ‘all by myself’. It is a joy to hear her little voice when we answer the phone. Last night when I asked Emma what she did at school today she went into a long story about the day’s Science class. They were given substances to smell and identify. She said she guessed mint and it was peppermint, she guessed brown sugar but didn’t know how to spell it. Then she said” I told my friend that you had no good smell. She was worried.” That little story thrilled me and made me chuckle and smile and feel deeply connected to my darling granddaughter on so many levels. She was sharing a bit of her day and her life with me , she was sharing a bit of her grandmother with her friend and she knew that her Monkey has a terrible sense of smell. At almost seven she is deeply established as being a special part of a family that loves her. She then said ” I wish Mom’s family all lived in Sherwood Park” I said .” I wish your family lived in Kingston. I wish I could stop in to your house every day , stay awhile and then come back home” I do wish they lived closer but the reality of it is no matter where they physically live the most important place we live is in each others hearts. It makes me very happy that every day I see evidence that we are doing just that in a very special and long lasting way.


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