Moncton, memories and meetings

Mar 13, 2016

I was born in Moncton and even though we moved when I was three I traveled there often with my family. My brother used to say we were going to Monkey Town. We headed to a red house on the corner of Milroth Ave in Lewisville. My mother could not get there often enough because in moving from Moncton she moved away from her youngest sister. I have been quoted saying that ‘Mom doesn’t have a thought until Lois has it for her.” That may sound mean but my Aunt Lois in my opinion has always been a wise , thoughtful and compassionate person who usually has a meaningful take on everything and Mom looks to her for guidance. I always sought her counsel as well and felt enveloped by her love and concern. In the hours after Zac died I remember instructing my sister in law to call my Aunt Lois. I knew she would come to me. I had an Aunt Lois on my Dad’s side too and by mistake Louisa called the wrong one. I loved my other aunt too but I knew from Louisa’s account of her response that the wrong one had been called. She then called the right one and her response did not disappoint me. My aunt and uncle got right in their car and came to me. Arriving at that red house always meant being welcomed and received like I was someone very special. My uncle still tells the story of opening the door one stormy night to five travellers looking for a place to wait out the blizzard they had just driven through from a shopping trip in Halifax. They welcomed me and four of my friends and our night spent there being well fed and cared for has never been forgotten. I used to always go to Moncton in late August to shop for back to school, teacher clothes. I remember the year I was pregnant for Meg I was in the throes of morning sickness during my August visit. Aunt Lois ministered to me with toast and entertained three year old Zac. Needless to say my kids have the same good feelings about visiting Lois and Bernie. One night I almost had Burton convinced to go get me Chinese food but Lois warned that it would be a waste of money since I would just vomit later. My Aunt Lois is one of my biggest fans and supporters. She proudly sings my praises in Moncton and saves every newspaper clipping. She always asks about my writing . I love my aunt and uncle and dread the day I will have to say my final goodbyes. Friday night I got to visit them in their new home. They left their red house a few years ago and moved to an apartment in Peoples Park Tower. In December another move took place. Lois moved in first to Briar lea Nursing Home and Bernie followed in January after being in the hospital for several weeks having gone in in such a state he wasn’t expected to survive. They are in a beautiful home being well cared for. I was very impressed and was so happy to see that they are comfortable and happy. Yesterday I spent the day in a board of directors meeting for WFNB. It was a productive and encouraging day. I left Monkey Town feeling good about having spent some time with my cousin Joy and her husband John, seeing my beloved aunt and uncle and doing a small part to keep an organization that supports writers and writing rolling along.


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