For Everything a Season

May 30, 2018

What a beautiful May morning. The green is the greenest , the blue the bluest and the air is bursting with the promise of summer. I see the end of May speedily approaching and have already sat this morning and compiled my June list. Oh my June list.I make it with mixed feelings.I have said many times just how much I love the seasons. Each one is ripe with blessings and challenges.As June comes into view I see the end of another writing season. From late August(when the teachers go back) until the end of May I take such pleasure in my writing days. I know I am my own boss and if I wanted to write all summer I certainly could but instead I give myself over to summer and take a rest allowing my mind and my heart to fill up and replenish. I am writing long hours in these closing days attempting to finish a manuscript I have re written at least five times. My revisions are fluid and I do not have stacks of drafts to bear witness to its evolution but the story I am about to complete has seen many changes. A work well crafted should bear that quality. So in a few short days I will walk away from my writing and immerse myself in different tasks. Number one will be to get the gardens planted.Then I must put my outside in order. Open up the cottage so to speak. I must prepare for my girls to arrive and permeate our summer . Oh how I look forward to every minute of that , from the first pad of their feet on the floor in the morning, their glee to run out the door with their bathing suits on heading to the lake, their inside /outside activities, our road trips, our bedtime stories, the laughter , tears, meltdowns and snuggles. I look forward to every bit of it. This will be Emma’s seventh summer and Paige’s fifth.And this summer Emma and Paige will begin relationships with their cousins and I can not wait to watch that unfolding. This is summer for Grampie and me and for those two precious girls. How lucky we are to be given that gift. So my writing season comes to an end and my summer season waits to greet me with the lake, the garden, coffee on the veranda, the wonderful exhaustion a nine year old and six year old bring and with the knowledge that whatever each day gives us it will be added to the already rich memory stash I am blessed to possess. My writing reservoir for sure.


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