For the Love of Scotland

Oct 22, 2019

I am sitting in my office in my home on the Walton Lake Road and am happy to be there. But part of my heart stayed in Craobh Haven, a small village in Scotland. Last night I spent some time looking at the self catering cottages we walked by many times during our time spent at Lunga House. My dream is to return and feel the wonder of that place again. I will reach out to the dear friends we made in those September days and entertain the possibility of going back. We mentioned as we parted the impossibility of truly going back to the exact factors that made those days so magical. But just returning to the place would be a start. Walking again down the winding road to the Lord of the Isles and sitting on the wide cement deck gazing out the the stunning views and serene marina would be a start. Venturing up the hill to visit Ian’s gardens, popping over to see the progress Andy is making on the structure built around an ancient water wheel, strolling down to the shore and enjoying the company of good friends could happen if we wanted it to.This beautiful country and country side has now found its way into my heart and it will be hard to ignore that.Today I will go to the work I started there. I will spend time with the characters I discovered while writing in the strong sunshine sitting on a stone bench on the sprawling lawns of Lunga house. I will return and find that magic again.


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