Get Outside

Nov 20, 2023

I love November as much as any of the other months that make up the year. I love the seasons as each one brings its own beauty and gifts when we choose to receive them. Yesterday I spent an enjoyable day cleaning. Now for some that might sound strange but I view cleaning as a blessing and a way to truly appreciate having a comfortable roof over my head. It will be a year tomorrow that we moved into our new home. I loved my old home and for years could not even imagine leaving it. The story telling how we reached the decision to purchase and set up our new home has many chapters and twists and those who lived it along side of us know them all. Change and challenge and seasons of the heart and soul have brought us to exactly where we are on this November day and I am truly grateful and in awe of the journey. Back to yesterday when in the midst of preparing Sunday supper I knew I had to get outside. Oh how glad I am that I listened to that inner voice. I headed to my lake. The sun was slowly lowering in the beautiful sky and the moon was peeking though. As I approached the lake I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the vast sky mirrored in the still water of my beautiful lake. Time stopped and all concerns of the day disappeared as I stood before such astonishing splendor and calm. I stayed focused on the reflection as the sky darkened and the moon darted in and out behind clouds only to reappear each time taking its place brighter and with more clarity . I watched the sun disappear in an orange haze in the distance. I felt replenished , hopeful and was so glad that I had pulled myself away from doing to simply be in this moment and in this place. I walked back home with a buoyancy the lake always gifts me. Floating on what? Blessing and bounty and the realization of my small place in the vastness of creation.


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