I Do Love a Book Club!

Oct 23, 2023

As an author I have been invited to several book club gatherings. It is always so nice to meet with readers who have taken the time and put their energies into buying and reading your book. Having been a member of a book club in the past I realize that the book is not always the focus of the get together. Sometimes the book does not even come up. But in my experience when the author is invited to the meeting the participants usually embrace the book and interact with the writer. I love that. Yesterday I attended a top notch book club, a group of lovely young ladies who were genuinely enthusiastic about the book they had just read. They came with amazing insight, compassion for the characters and strong opinions. Sitting in the circle of their animated discussion I could hardly believe that I had created these multi layered characters and woven the complex story that had gripped the nine readers around the table. It is times like this that cement my desire to write and give me the boost of confidence and drive needed every time I sit down at my keyboard. I believe generous and genuine book clubs are the oxygen and nutrients for an authors well being. Yesterday’s group was all that. They fed me, gave me an honorarium for my time and enthusiastically bought other books from me. Thankyou Sarah, Jenny , Jessica, Brittany, Becca, Brittany, Krista, Katrina and Carrie!


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