Happy Thanksgiving

Oct 11, 2016

Yesterday we travelled to Kings Landing for our 30th Thanksgiving. In the 30 years we’ve been going we have seen many changes, many configurations and made lots of memories. The first year we left one year old Chapin with a babysitter and took Zac and Meg. We sat in a small upstairs room at the Kings Head and had our first dinner there. Every year since we packed up the kids, sometimes grandparents joined us , sometimes aunts, uncles and cousins. Some years boyfriends and girlfriends were invited. Sometimes someone couldn’t come for one reason or another. We would gather whoever was available and keep up our tradition. I don’t remember why Zac didn’t come with us the last year before he died. At the time it didn’t seem a big deal for him to miss our trip but his absence is now always felt deeply. The last time all four kids came we got the priceless picture of them all and Burton along the footpath. I never walk that footpath without remembering the posing for that photograph. Last year Meg , Emma and Paige joined us. Cody has come with us at least once. Brianne and Ashlie are part of the tradition and now have had several thanksgivings there with us. Weather has varied as have the crowd attending. Yesterday we almost let the wind and rain stop us but I am so glad we didn’t . We bundled up a bit more than usual but enjoyed the walk through the village.Bri and Chapin brought nephews Cade and Ryker. We commented on the fact that Ryker was the age Chapin was when we began the tradition. I must say I am so glad the NB government has seen fit to invest in this treasure. The sawmill has been refurbished. Some changes have been made to improve the tourist aspect. Kings Landing still holds a strong attraction for our family. It is like coming home. I only saw two people from my volunteering days but was happy to catch up with Evelyn and sit and quilt awhile at the Morehouse house with Virginia. Chapin and Burton shot the muskets, we walked through the corn maze and we sat together enjoying a delicious meal. Another wonderful visit made our Thanksgiving weekend complete. So much to remember, to look ahead to, and to be thankful for!


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