Paige’s Happy Birthday

Oct 4, 2016

Today is Paige’s 5th birthday. Oh how I wish I could see that little girl today and get caught up in her birthday excitement. Her voice still echoes here and I am thankful for the memories we made this summer and all the visits that came before. It is a frosty morning. A heavy fog rests above everything but I expect the sun will lift it soon. A beautiful morning . The landscape changes daily as fall digs in and summer leaves us. Yesterday I stored our huge crop of squash in the basement , the garden shed and the porch. My grand mother used to store her squash under her bed but I have way to much for that. I don’t think she ever harvested as much as I grew this year. What seemed like a good idea when I dropped the seed seemed excessive yesterday as we made trip after trip filling each place with squash. I hope friends, family and neighbors come and get some so we can share the bounty. Last night Ashlie cooked ham and I cooked vegetables for a Sunday supper do over for my kids. The BlueJays game cut our Sunday supper short and I felt short changed. I love our Sunday suppers of catching up , laughing and playing a game of something. As I pulled carrots and beets and prepared a large squash and peeled the potatoes I let the gratitude of our home and garden sink in. I walked down to Chapin’s house twice yesterday and each time saw more progress getting them closer to moving in. The leaves and the sky were stunning, the air crisp and the sun strong. Gorgeous! My sunflowers have turned their faces from me. Most of their blossoms have been stripped and their heads hang , their leaves withered, their large stalks stooping. They have a new and different beauty as does the surrounding landscape. Paige is now a five year old kindergarten girl .Happy Birthday Tiny Toad. Monkey and Toad love you!!!


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