Home Again , Home Again

Jun 23, 2020

What a beautiful June morning. Up early and getting to the garden before eight o’clock. A quick blog entry to announce the joy of our hearts as we look ahead. Meg is coming home. Coming home to live and we are thrilled. Our granddaughters who we bring home as often as we can, who I write weekly letters to , who I talk to almost every day are going to be nearby. The cousins are going to grow up together, not a country apart.This is what we have wished for , waited for and wondered if it would ever come true.We have hurtles ahead but together we will jump over them. This summer season is a season of change and challenge. We are living in an uncertain time and so much is happening globally. But right here on the Walton Lake Road the future is bright and exciting.My garden grows patiently, waiting for moisture. My heart holds hope and optimism. My soul floods with joy and thanksgiving. In these uncertain, frightening times family is the foundation that grounds us and it is time for our girl to head back home. Now off to pull those nasty thistles from the garden and create another weed free row.Hard work, dedication, vision and tackling one weed at a time gets the job done and will serve us well in the next few weeks. So much for a quiet Covid summer. A former squash patch to aspire to.


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