Home Sweet Home

Aug 22, 2018

Not much time to write this morning but I feel the need to take a quick reflection and jot down some thoughts before embarking on the day ahead. It is move in day. Mom will walk through the doors of what will probably be her last home on earth. She has crossed the threshold of many homes since leaving her childhood home. A little house in Lewisville, a new house built by her husband on Story Rd. , a green bungalow on Broadway, a rented home in Fredericton , another in Saint John, a renovated house on Bradley Lane and a another new house built by her husband,her son’s cottage , a renovated small cottage and today’s destination. I know it would serve me better if I was to not become sentimental and overly emotional. I am the daughter and I must take charge and support my Dad as this move is so huge and so difficult for him.As they approach their 70th wedding anniversary they will for the first time live under separate roofs, sleep in separate beds miles away from one another.As predicted this brings me to tears and I must for right now muster my strength and do the practical without allowing the personal to flood my brain. This new home does not take away the stories of the former homes, does not erase the woman of the house who took such pride and pleasure in each one. The woman who hosted hundreds and pre-scooped her ice cream still exists and today we find her a place of care and rest. May I step up and be what both my parents need me to be today.


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