September has Arrived

Sep 2, 2018

The air has a slight coolness, the days are getting shorter and school starts on Tuesday. September has arrived. I love September. It used to and still does hold an excitement and an expectant feeling of change and challenge. I sit this morning and reflect on the summer days that have passed. What a beautiful summer it was . So much sun, swimming, grandchildren enjoying, road trip adventures, family time and good food. But as much as I hate to see the end of all that and dread giving up my lake I am so looking forward to the coming season. We have challenges to face with Mom’s health and declining abilities. We hope to see her settled into a nursing home and hope to assist Dad in facing his new normal without his wife of seventy years near his side. We have three family birthdays to celebrate and a granddaughter to watch as she begins kindergarten. I look forward to the after school bus time to see three of my grandchildren get off the bus and hear about their days. Burton will get back to the woods and I will be back at my desk. I look forward to beginning book number twelve and start work on the edits of book number eight. I anticipate a trip to Italy in October. I will have school visits, book signings and WFNB’s WordsFall. I will continue market Saturdays and meet new and loyal readers. I will make enough of my mother’s beloved mustard pickles to get four households through the winter.I will think ahead to Christmas with the anticipation of Chapin and Bri’s house bursting with excitement. I will write my weekly letters linking my far away granddaughters to the comings and goings on the Walton Lake Road.I remember my mat leave of 1985. Labor Day weekend brought the birth of our third child and when I brought my baby home I began a beautiful fall of caring for my precious family within the walls of our trailer our big house not yet started but being dreamt about. Dreams that become reality are the hope of every season and I think about the season ahead while being very thankful for the one that is about to end. A few more lake swims, a few more days of hot sun and summer breezes will slowly give way to a kaleidoscope of leaves, wood road walks,first lighting of the furnace and Fall welcoming Winter.


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