When the Time is Right

Sep 10, 2018

Best laid plans are just that. Life has a way of reminding us of this and the lessons of patience and trust are constantly being delivered. I am a list maker, a goal setter and a bit of a worrier. ( the bit part might be not quite strong enough) I am learning but very,very slowly that worrying does not change the outcome of much. A big worry of the last few weeks has been my Mom’s health , my Dad’s ability to keep caring for her, a nursing home placement and a stay in the hospital which was needed to hydrate her, manage an infection and address other concerns.Today she left the hospital and moved in to her room at the St. John St . Stephen nursing home. A page has been turned in her story and as so much else we face it didn’t turn exactly how we envisioned it. Dad has been given some days to come to terms with the change and now we will put our attention into making it the best home for Mom at this time.Mom’s hospital stay gave me something I didn’t expect. I have spent so much time in the last two weeks staring into my mother’s eyes and watching the hands that so lovingly cared for me. She is still in there and I treasure the time I have spent feeding her and holding her hands. I have done all the talking but when she turns her head toward me and stares into my eyes I know she sees me and loves me as deeply as she ever did.Today I took my 75th swim of the season and let the waters of my beloved lake envelop me and remind me of my place under the vast sky.I float and look to that sky knowing the truth of my insignificance and my inability to alter a plan much bigger than any list I could ever write.I give thanks for the assurance that in all things I can look to a higher power who keeps the water flowing , the sun shining and the stars in the sky.


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