Home Sweet Home

May 20, 2021

 Among my daily thankfuls I always include my home.Just like everything in our lives my home has flaws and shortcomings but so many wonderful aspects . It has evolved and changed and adapted but has been home since 1989. I look ahead  a few years and invision leaving this house and moving into a smaller one. But in this dream I see someone else loving it and building  a life within its thick cordwood walls and under its green tin roof and that makes leaving it all right. But for now and in this present season I will take comfort in the home we’ve created. I am thankful this morning for the chance Meg has been given to move into a house and settle after several moves since coming in August. Yesterday we went to see a house that could become a home and the relief I feel is huge. Boxes need unpacked, pictures hung, familiar items retrieved and seasons lived within the same walls. The future will unfold but for now a home can be enjoyed. For this I have prayed on my daily walks. Oh the lesson we need to keep learning to believe  blessings will come in their time. So today I take joy in my home and my place in this family. I breathe a huge sigh of relief and carry on.



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