215 Lives not Lived

May 31, 2021

I have no words but yet the deep and dreadful ache of this horror can not be ignored Surely we as a people can not ignore the shame of our past that has shaped the indifference and acceptance of our present. These 215 children were loved and had futures that were taken from them. In taking their young lives the lives of their children,grandchildren and great grandchildren were also extinquished. Their families and communities were devastated. Generations were changed and impacted and a scar so deeply left. How can we not be raging with disgust and shout from the rooftops the injustice and disregard for human life that occured in this country? I guess I found some words but words are not enough. For the love of God think of your own children and grandchildren and imagine them ripped from your arms and treated in such inhumane ways.Imagine them dying alone crying for  you. Imagine them buried in mass graves.This is the only way we can truly understand and realize the magnitude of  the pain our indigenous people have endured.


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