That’s All I’ll Ever Become

Jun 4, 2021

 I just heard a moving interview with William Prince and listened to his song That’s all I’ll Ever Become. I quickly went to the You Tube video of the song and listened to it again. I closed my eyes and cried at the emotion and truth of those words. Living to the second last day of my children’s lives was not something I was given with my oldest son and I expect not something I’ll be given with the other three. It was not granted to my mother or father either.But of course even when a parent buries a child or a child buries a parent who they are so largely depends on what’s been given them in the time they have together.My daughter teased me the other night when I was so proudly showing Caleb my cleaned out porch closets stating ” That’s not your greatest accomplishment Mom.” Not even close, my four kids despite mistakes and failings  were and will be my greatest accomplishment and the treasure  I hold above all else. So to question the depth of the loss reflected in the discussion of mass graves and sanctioned kidnapping of children seems unfathomable. Our children and grandchildren are all we’ll ever become.God help us all.


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