I Raise a Glass Half Full

May 1, 2018

This entry is not for whining . Hopefully is is just the opposite although I have found myself feeling somewhat sorry for myself these last few days. I have been sick. Oh poor me! I seldom get the flu or a cold anymore since I am not in contact with a million germs like I used to be. This one got us though. Chapin got it first then Burton came down with it. I seemed to be in the clear until Thursday and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. At first I took it as a reason to do nothing, lay low , relax ,step back and just be sick. But around day three I was over that and I resented the lack of energy and the lack of optimism that usually carries me. I must say I have given a lot of thought to those who struggle with their health on an ongoing basis and truly admire those who keep going and put a good face on. I tend to do just the opposite . I retreat, let every thought turn to my failures and shortcomings. I heap on guilt for the things I am not doing, the Sunday supper I didn’t prepare the challenges I didn’t take on . It is exhausting and sends me back to bed.So now on the downhill slide to being better(I really hope) I am attempting to regroup. Luckily my sick days fell on a weekend that held no real commitment and I am thankful for that.May promises some busy days , some exciting events and Meg’s visit. I plan on being well for all of that. Saturday I will start the market again and I look forward to my weekly interactions. I will travel to Halifax for the Atlantic Book Awards. I will attend WFNB’S WordSpring.I hope to receive copies of Headliner soon and anticipate the joy of opening the carton and holding my seventh book. I will launch Headliner on the peninsula and at an event at the Saint John Central Library . Meg will arrive for a visit and gets to meet her new nephews and niece. Ashlie will graduate from university .We will celebrate Mom’s 90th birthday and Dad’s 88th. Yesterday Burton and I celebrated our 41st anniversary and Ashlie’s birthday. We were thrilled to gather as a family around Chapin and Brianne’s table. The smiles around that table, the singing and laughter was everything I needed to fill me with the optimism my sick days had depleted . Oh how very blessed we are.This morning I raise a glass or a cup of coffee and see that cup half full. Perhaps the best gift being sick gives us is the realization just how wonderful being well is. Thanks for the reminder and let’s get on with it.


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