The Year of the Flood

May 5, 2018

I am high and dry but so many others are not. As the last few days unfolded references were often made to 1973 and 2008 . Now the flood of 2018 has become it’s own statistic and has written its own story.Today is my mothers 90th birthday.The plan had been to gather here for supper and celebrate. But road closures and ferry closures have changed the plans. This of course is nothing compared to what other people are facing as flood levels reach an all time high. Our ferry workers have labored tirelessly to keep the two ferries at Gondola Point running.Homes, cottages and businesses have been affected and infrastructure has been damaged and compromised. Highways are closed and many wait for the water to peak and gradually recede. Oh how powerless we are to the forces of nature.I feel the tension of the flooding situation even though the challenges are not mine to face. I talk to my Dad on the phone and try to convey birthday wishes to my Mom. Oh how the years change things. Nineteen years ago today Burton’s Mom died. Nan who had been a constant in our lives was gone seventeen days after her grandson. I am deciding how to tackle this day. I will take it as the wonderful gift it is. I will prepare a meal and welcome whoever can come to it. I will cut my mother’s birthday cake and celebrate her and Nan and the wonderful force they both were in our lives; two amazing women who fed and sustained us.I will keep those affected by the flooding in my thoughts and prayers.


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