This Too Will Pass

May 8, 2018

May we all take a collective sigh. Flooding has taken over our thoughts,and has affected us all. Of course the real suffering has come to those who have seen their properties destroyed . Delays, closures and inconveniences are nothing compared to seeing homes and beloved cottages destroyed. There has been no deaths and for that I am grateful. But I feel a heaviness that the rising water has inflicted on us all. I am attempting to regain optimism and hopefulness. I believe this happens collectively whenever a major upheaval occurs that challenges our ‘normal’. Life as we know it can be shaken and completely turned on its’ head. Personal and collective loss can hit us without warning and knock us off our bearings. We must ride out the storm,hang on through the worst of it and then wait for the water to recede and the mess to be dealt with. Again I speak to this from the sidelines. Our hearts break for our friends Cheryl and Sheldon who have seen their hard work and dreams destroyed. We will show up and do what we can to support the huge job of cleaning up, rebuilding and re -investing in their dream. That is the difficult part of living through an upheaval of any kind. Believing and dreaming again. Finding a place for the sorrow and the fear and letting the light shine through again. That is my prayer for us all today. Whatever you have been called to deal with I pray the light comes through and the hope resurfaces. Deep breath, big hugs and shake off the sadness. This too will pass.


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