I Will Not Leave You Comfortless

Jan 18, 2020

As the Saturday morning sunshine streams through my office I think of my dear friend Ruth. Ruth is a person who gives so much of herself to others. She is one of a kind and is a friend to many. She is an advocate for kids and does life changing work every day in her gentle , kind and accepting way. She has been a comfort to so many people.Over the years she has provided me with a listening ear, a place to fall and words of wisdom and comfort. She has fed and nourished people in her welcoming home. She has been a wonderful daughter, sister and aunt. She has mothered her beautiful daughter.And she has been a loving , loyal and devoted wife.Side by side her and Roy have faced many challenges and always rose to meet them together. Today she will be comforted and embraced as she receives those who will gather to say farewell to her beloved Roy.I hold her in my heart today and pray that all the comfort she has offered will come back to her tenfold.


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